Semi Di Lino Hairspray

Semi Di Lino Hairspray


A final touch that makes the perfect beauty.

The products of the axis STYLING sculpt, fix and brighten the hair, making it flawless.

They allow you to easily create any type of “architectural style” and to satisfy any obsession in terms of look, leaving your hair exactly as you desire.

Semi Di Lino Hairspray Product Range

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Hairspray Extra Strong

Illuminating Hairspray Extra Strong

This extra strong fast drying hairspray lives up to its name, firmly holding hair in place all day and can be removed with a few brush strokes.

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Hairspray

Illuminating Hairspray

Turn the spotlight on your hairstyle. Follows the movement of hair without weighting it down for elasticity for the “rebound effect”.

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Sculpting Hairspray

Illuminating Sculpting Hairspray

“Micro scaffolding” that defines the structure, shape and sculpt, looks more built, leaving the hair extremely shiny.

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Color Fix Hairspray

Illuminating Color Fix Hairspray

Your colour will not only glow with a unique luster, but its intensity is safeguarded from the effects of external aggressions. The hair fibre is protected without being weighed down.

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Volumizer Hairspray

Illuminating Volumizer Hairspray

Volume-building action combined with shimmering shine. Special film-forming agents lend incredible support, structure and body to all types of styling