Semi Di Lino Diamond

Semi Di Lino Diamond

37% Increase in Shine
Urban Defence Pro – Anti-pollution shield for total protection.
Soine Fix Complex – 24 hours of brightening power from the roots to the ends.
Colour Fix Complex – UV filter and antioxidant to prolong the beauty of colour.
Multivitamin Complex – Rechange of antioxidant energy for the hair fibre.
Semi Di Lino Diamond Products & Treatments

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Low Shampoo
Illuminating Low Shampoo

Illuminating, delicate shampoo for normal hair: gently cleanses and gives extreme shine, making your hair soft and silky.

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Conditioner
Illuminating Conditioner

Illuminating conditioner for normal hair: detangles and gives extreme shine, making the hair soft and lightweight.

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Mask
Illuminating Mask

Illuminating mask for normal hair: intensive conditioning treatment, promotes cuticle cohesion for extreme shine, making your hair soft and silky.

Semi Di Lino Extraordinary All-in-1 Fluid
Extraordinary All-In-1-Fluid

Multi action leave-in fluid for normal hair:

1. gives extreme, instant shine.
2. detangles the hair.
3. helps to protect against UV rays.
4. designed to protect the cosmetic colour.
5. prevents the formation of split ends.
6. controls frizz.
7. counteracts the effect of humidity.
8. seals the cuticles.
9. gives a soft and silky feel.
10. makes the hair easier to brush.